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About us

weCooperative is the leading cooperative for ecosystem collaboration in Germany.

We believe in exponential execution based on solid experience from more than two decades of digital transformation. Our core competency is senior management advisory and establishing future business models.

Core Services

What we do.

We help companies and organizations to collaborate successfully and join forces to achieve greater success together. Our core competency is senior management advisory and establishing future business models in three distinct focus areas.

Ecosystem Strategy
Together, we define your Purpose, Vision and Strategy. You do not have an ecosystem strategy or want to assess your existing one? We are happy to support with senior expertise.
Ecosystem Setup
We implement your Architecture, Organization and Processes. You want to define or improve your execution foundation? We are happy to bring your setup to the next level.
Ecosystem Scaling
We grow Mindsets, Capabilities and Culture. You want to develop your teams to the next level? We create an open collaboration ecosystem in your company and with your ecosystem partners.


What matters to us.

Collaborative Guiding Principle

We no longer believe any individual, company or state can shape a positive future alone.

Exponential Execution Focus

Technological innovation drives speed of change and complexity – we have to adapt in execution to stay ahead of the wave.

Positive Future Creation

We are proud of our achievements so far and see it as our obligation to reinvent society to the next level for all.


Uniting excellence for a meaningful collaborative impact.

We curate a hand-picked ecosystem of transformation leaders, senior experts and personalities. Our members and clients profit from access to a unique collection of best-in-class experts and companies.


Olaf Rotax

weCooperative eG Co-Founder & CEO

Markus Hoischen

weCooperative eG Co-Founder & COO

Udo Klein-Bölting

weCooperative eG Co-Founder & Supervisory Board Member

Dr. Marc André Micha

weCooperative eG Active Member

Nerdish by Nature. Silpion is leading in IT-Solution architecture and accompanies you, pathing your way to a digital future.

Patrick Postel


Oliver Hammerstein


Beyond E-Commerce and your D2C goes excellence - hands on for digital & operational success.

Nina Weinreich

Beyond E-Commerce GmbH COO & Co-Founder

Wolfram Latschar

Beyond E-Commerce GmbH CEO & Co-Founder

Digital rapids offers digital leadership through top-level management for your business success.

Dr. Felix Menden

Digital Rapids GmbH CEO

Anne Schönbrun

Digital Rapids GmbH COO

Strategy and Business Building for the Data-Driven Economy

Dr. Thilo Löwe

nxt statista Partner

Dr. Hannes Gmelin

nxt statista Partner

SJPP provides structural legal advice in M&A/corporate law, public sector relations and restructuring/insolvency law. We are passionate lawyers who identify strongly with our clients' objectives.

Dr. Bjarne Petersen

Schmidt-Jortzig Petersen Penzlin Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB Partner

The “Done-with-EGO” Executive Search for Movers & Shakers.

Christoph Oelrich



We believe in a European Digital Ecosystem Network.

Companies must significantly accelerate their transition to digital technology.

On the one hand, this means the need to use technology to work more efficiently in the existing company. And on the other hand, it means thinking and working in new ways to develop a sustainable and successful business model for the future.

Successful business in the future is based on an open understanding of how to do business together. Whenever and wherever possible, collaborative ecosystems should be established and new competitive advantages developed.

WECooperative has the mission of actively shaping this complex change.

We are change managers and forward thinkers. We are realists and dreamers.

We are pragmatists and visionaries. We leverage today's potentials to build the ecosystems of tomorrow.