Commitment to lifelong learning/development

Even though we all bring in at least 10 years of experience, we only know fragments in the dyna-mically developing world. We therefore commit ourselves to constantly expand our experience and only exercise our expert role as long as we can fulfill our above-average demand for expertise.

Commitment to cross-functional/diversity-skill working

We believe that above-average results are only possible if we combine the strengths of different characters and experiences. We therefore never work alone, but always in a team, at least in tandem.

Commitment to non-political Trusted C-Level Advisory

If we want to encourage people, companies and societies to develop, we can only do so from a strong value-based and independent position. We therefore work in a fundamentally non-political, data-driven, respectful and solution-oriented manner and see an appropriate environment as a basic prerequisite for our commitment.

Future Optimist

Digitization is changing everything and not only brings good change. We are committed to positively shaping the future and see problems as challenges that must be overcome. We believe that a better digital future is possible together.

Entrepreneur by heart

Even though the digital transformation has been going on for over 20 years, no company or society has yet successfully completed the digital transformation. We are therefore constantly breaking new ground with our customers and see ourselves as creative discoverers. We do not want to work without an open culture of error and curiosity.


We do not want to accept the limitations and collateral damage of individual special interest optimization any longer. We will always ignore a statement beginning with „I want“ and always question our own actions under the categorical imperative.

Agile Mindset

Innovation and transformation do not arise in chaos, but as the result of hard work as continuous improvement. The Agile Methods serve as a basis for our work, but are also not used dogmatically. In any case we strive for continuous improvement.

Value driven behaviour

We do not believe in an either or of economic and social value creation, but we see economic value generation as a hygiene factor and social added value as a success factor for our work. We only take action where we can combine both.

Get it done mentality

We do not have a problem with ideas and concepts, but a problem of implementation in the holistic digital transformation. That’s why implementation is the focus of our work. We focus on working on the system rather than in the system in order to achieve the greatest possible impact.


No code of conduct should have more than 10 rules, therefore we commit ourselves to question an old rule if a new one is needed. Furthermore, we want to be measured by the compliance with our Code of Conduct with more than 360 degrees of feedback every year and, if the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board decide unanimously on the basis of objective measurement, we also accept our exclusion from the cooperative in case of non-compliance in case of doubt.